Obtain ALL your TLC statements, electronically. It’s safe, FREE and easy. 

To start receiving eStatements log on to online banking at the top of your screen and click on eStatements, read and accept the disclosures. You are now ready to start receiving eStatements!

Once enrolled, you will log on to online banking, and click on the eStatements link. Your information is always safe and secure and made available to you faster than if it were sent by mail. You can view up to 12 months of statements** any time—day or night. And best of all, it’s totally free. 

Your first eStatement will be available early in the month following the month that you sign up (i.e. if you sign up for eStatements in December, your first eStatement will be for January and will be available in early February). It will take 12 months after signing up for eStatements before you are able to view twelve consecutive months. If at any time you need more than what is available online, please contact the credit union.