Multi-Factor Authentication

TLC Community Credit Union uses "Multi-Factor Authentication" for mobile banking users as a security measure to protect your account. The security features will ask you to complete some extra steps depending on what type of transactions you wish to perform.

  1. A “Red Flag Date” will be set anytime you change your mailing address, alternate mailing address, email address, password, challenge questions/answers, or User ID.
  2. Whenever this happens, you will be "challenged". This means that you will be asked to "authenticate" by entering a security code that is either emailed to the email address that we have on file for the Primary Member (member listed first on joint accounts), or texted to a phone that is enrolled in TEXT BANKING and listed on the account being challenged. You will only be challenged once per Mobile Banking session.
  3. You will be asked to authenticate when you log in for the first time or haven't logged in for more than 90 days, when you pay a bill for more than $2,500 (new or existing payee) or whenever you pay a bill within 5 days of the Red Flag Date being set (see first bullet above).