Stimulus Checks


The US Treasury will continues releasing batch deposits each Friday with an effective date of the following Wednesday. You will first see the payment “pending” in Online Banking for your account. Once it is pending, you should see it post to your account the following Wednesday by 3 PM.  Please refrain from calling the credit union until after 3 PM.  We're sorry but we cannot release Government funds until the date noted online.

The Treasury is also printing and mailing economic impact payment checks. Unfortunately the Government does not tell us when your deposit is to be sent.  If you do not see it pending in your account, we have no way of telling you when to expect it.


Most members can expect up to $1,200 per adult and $500 for every child under age 17, depending on adjusted gross incomes reported on 2019 federal tax returns, if filed, or on 2018 returns. Visit to learn about your specific situation.

TIP 1: No need to call our call center as you can use our online banking, mobile banking or auto phone attendant system at 517-263-0875 to check on your account. You can see if the funds are pending and can see when the funds get posted to your account.

TIP 2:  To access your funds quickly and easily please consider the following:

- Consider using your debit or ATM card when accessing your funds.  They are easier to sanitize and can be used online when making purchases.
- Drive up lanes remain open at 6 TLC Locations -
- Visit any ATM not owned by TLC and we will not charge you a fee. The owner of the ATM may charge you a fee that we will refund to you if you contact us.

TIP 3:  If you do not file your taxes electronically, you can expect a paper check to be sent.  You can deposit that by using our mobile app and the first $500 will be made available immediately.  (Please note:  the name(s) on the check must match the name(s) on the account.)  For more information on how to deposit your check visit,

TIP 4:  If you’ve moved or changed your name since the last time you filed your taxes you need to send in a change of address form.  You may alternately file your 2019 taxes with your corrected address/name.  For your convenience we’ve provided the form HERE. 

For more information regarding the stimulus, visit