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eMailbox FAQ

Once you have logged on to Online Banking, you will see the "eMailbox" menu option.
You can click on the “eMailbox” menu option, and click the “Compose New Email” button at the top of the Inbox, select a Category, add a subject line and compose a message.
All responses to inquiries sent via Online Banking will be sent to the eMailbox Inbox.
No, for security reasons, replies will only be sent to the eMailbox Inbox.
We will send an email notification to the Internet email address on file to alert you that there is a new message waiting for you in your eMailbox.
To send a reply to an email in your Inbox, simply click on the subject line of the email then click Reply. A text box will appear where you can compose your message.
Yes, in the Inbox, there will be a check box to Archive or Delete the email. Archived emails will be saved in the Archived Folder which can be accessed via the Archive sub-menu. We will only retain the last 25 items during the past 6 months.
No, the ability to opt out of the eMailbox is not available. The eMailbox is a permanent feature in Online Banking.
No, the eMailbox can only be used to communicate with TLCCU.
You can contact us at (517) 263-9120 during normal business hours.
No, the eMailbox cannot be used to send emails to other members.