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Stimulus Checks

3rd Round of Stimulus Checks 

The 3rd round of stimulus money is expected to start hitting accounts by mid-March.  

  • Single people earning up to $75,000, will receive $1,400. These payments gradually phase out as income goes up (Max = $80,000).
  • Each dependent child will receive $1,400.
  • A payment of $2,800 will go to married couples filing a joint federal income tax return and earning up to $150,000. The phaseout begins after that, ending at $160,000. 

The IRS will use the 2019 tax return information or 2020 tax return information, based on what it the most recent tax return on file.

To know when you will be receiving funds, check your account online. You will first see the payment “pending” in Online Banking. When you click on that transaction, it will list the date the funds will be placed into your account.  We're sorry but we cannot release Government funds until the date noted online.  It may take it until 3PM to show up into your account.  If for some reason pending stimulus funds don't show up as reported, feel free to reach out to us after 3 PM.

The Treasury is also printing and mailing checks. Unfortunately the Government does not tell us when your deposit is to be sent.  If you do not see it pending in your account, we have no way of telling you when to expect it.  For more information, visit Internal Revenue Service (

TIP 1: No need to call our call center as you can use our online banking, mobile banking or auto phone attendant system at 517-263-0875 to check on your account. You can see if the funds are pending and can see when the funds get posted to your account.

TIP 2:  To access your funds quickly and easily please consider the following:

- Consider using your debit or ATM card when accessing your funds.  

- Drive up lanes remain open at 6 TLC Locations - Locations & Hours › TLC Community Credit Union (

TIP 3:  If you do not file your taxes electronically, you can expect a paper check to be sent.  You can deposit that by using our mobile app and the first $500 will be made available immediately.  (Please note:  the name(s) on the check must match the name(s) on the account.)  For more information on how to deposit your check visit, Mobile Banking | TLC Community Credit Union (

TIP 4:  If you’ve moved or changed your name since the last time you filed your taxes you need to send in a change of address form.  You may alternately file your 2019 taxes with your corrected address/name.  For your convenience we’ve provided the Change of Address Form 

TIP 5:  Due to government regulation, we can not accept deposits to an account where the recipient is not listed as joint on the account.  We are required to send the funds back to the government.  The government in turn, will process your stimulus funds as a paper check mailed to you.  

For more information regarding the stimulus, visit