Things to Keep in Mind

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Benefits of choosing "credit" over "debit" 

When using your debit card you are asked to choose between “debit” and “credit”. Whichever option you choose, when you use your TLC debit card it will come out of your checking account immediately. Keep these important differences in mind:


  • Using your debit card as a credit and signing for authorization gives you added safety and protection. That protection comes from Visa® which provides zero liability for fraud.
  • TLC strongly recommends that you choose “credit” and sign for all transactions rather than using “debit”.


  • Using “debit” when making any transaction with your debit card opens yourself up to liability if your card is stolen and used without your authorization.

TLC Expiration Dates for Visa® Debit and Credit Cards

  • TLC credit and debit cards expire at the end of the month stated on your card
  • Some auto-pay merchants assume the card expires the 1st of the month and will send an alert to you telling you the card is expired. (This happens before they even attempt to charge your card.)
  • Your replacement card(s) arrive in the middle of the month that they expire
  • For security reasons replacement DEBIT and CREDIT cards come in unmarked envelopes. The envelope itself has no writing on it. The return address is PO Box 1516 which is TLC's lock box. Be on the lookout for these envelopes the month your card expires.

Place a Travel Alert on your Visa® Debit and Credit Cards

Please CLICK HERE or call TLC when you are leaving for vacation or traveling outside your home area so that we can notify Visa. With your notification, Visa® will know not to block your card from suspicious activity or charges that happen while you are enjoying yourself away from home. This is just another way TLC is looking out for you. Enjoy your vacation!

Lost or Stolen Card Instructions