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Routing Number

TLC's Routing Number: 272485291

When setting up an automatic deposit/withdrawal, please follow the steps below to ensure that your account is properly credited/debited.
  • TLC uses a 13-digit account number
  • Your account number can be found on the bottom of your checks
  • Build your account number
    • Deposit account numbers begin with 1, loans begin with 2
    • Then add the account ID (00, 01, 06, 15…) which is found on your TLC statement or in online banking
    • These three numbers are followed by “zeros” then your account number. Your account number and zeros will equal 10 digits. (Please note….the last digit of your account number may be a “zero”.)
    • Examples:
      1 + 00 + 000 + 1234560
      2 + 01 + 000 + 1234560
      “Sav/Ln”+ “ID”+ “Zeros”+ “Account No”.
      Put together this would read 1000001234560 or 2010001234560. Remember, there should be 13 digits total with no dashes or spaces.
  • Debit card numbers should not be used for ACH transactions. Debit cards are a separate payment system with separate account numbers and will not be paid.