Check Cashing

TLC male teller

For the majority of TLC members, check cashing is a no cost service and is based on the business you do with the credit union. A small charge for cashing a check may be applied if your account relationship with TLC is less than $500. This does not apply to member checks drawn on TLC and does not apply to minors.

  • For checks over $20.00 - $2.00 Fee
  • For checks over $100.00 - $5.00 Fee

A charge will be assessed if your only account relationship is a savings account(s) totaling less than $500. (Effective date 2-4-2013)

Income Tax checks require a valid I.D. when presented. When cashing large checks, there is a $5,000 cash limit the day you present your check. (The balance of your check will be available on the 5th business day.) For security purposes, be sure to sign all checks in front of the teller you are presenting it to. Check cashing charge may apply to government checks.