Creative Debit Cards / TLC Rewards

custom debit cardsCustom Debit Cards

TLC has a gallery of over 20 custom debit cards to choose from. Choose our design and you can have it the same day when you pick it up at TLC’s Main Branch in Adrian. Pick up at the other branches can be done the next business day.

Personalized Debit Cards

When you open a new Checking account you have the option of receiving a personalized debit. Load a picture of your friends, your pet or favorite vacation spot - almost anything you wish. And, if you've had your checking account with TLC, no worries. You can personalize your debit card for a small, one time fee. Upload Your Photo

TLC Rewards

Earn TLC Rewards points every time a signature-based transaction is made using your TLC Debit Card. The rewards website is available through TLC Online Banking. Points may be redeemed for travel, merchandise, gift cards and much more. How can I get TLC Rewards.

Debit Card Support

Questions about your debit card and/or transactions made with your card, during normal business hours call (517) 263-9120, after hours call (866) 564-9485