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Your TLC Community Credit Union checking or savings account includes an ATM card for your convenience. You can use this card to make deposits, withdrawals, or transfers. Enjoy 24-hour account access with your debit card through our ATMs. We have member ATMs located at all of our Michigan branches in Lenawee, Monroe, Jackson, and Washtenaw counties, as well as other locations throughout the country.

If you have questions about your ATM card and/or transactions made with your card, you can contact the following numbers for ATM card support:

Normal Business Hours: (517) 263-9120
After Hours: (866) 564-9485

Access 30,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs Coast-to-Coast

One of the benefits of being a member of TLC is that you will have access to an additional 30,000 CO-OP surcharge-free ATMs in the US. That's convenience even some of the biggest banks can't match. The CO-OP logo on the back of your debit or credit card means you can use any ATM where you see the CO-OP logo.

Finding the closest surcharge-free ATM is easy, using your phone, mobile app, text messaging or Internet access. Just visit call (888) SITE-CO-OP. 


If you are like most people, having a debit card is an essential way you access your checking account. Please take a moment to review the pages below in order to get the most out of your TLC Debit Card. 

  • Overdraft Protection Opt-In - Authorize TLC to pay your ATM transactions and one-time debit card authorizations. Opt In Protection.
  • Personalized Debit Cards / TLC Rewards / ShoppingFling Discover the advantages packed into your TLC Visa® Debit Card. Creative Debit Cards/ TLC Rewards
  • Specialty Debit Cards – There may be times that you're doing something "special" and will need a Travel Money or Visa® Gift Card. Find out more about our Specialty Debit Cards
  • Debit Card Support – Questions about your debit card and/or transactions made with your card, during normal business hours call (517) 263-9120, after hours call (866) 564-9485
  • Card Control - real-time control over your TLC cards with your mobile device

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Important Information for Using Your TLC Visa® Card

Credit & Debit Card Expiration Dates

Your card will come with an expiration date that can affect usage, specifically when it comes to automatic payments:

  • TLC credit and debit cards expire at the end of the month stated on your card
  • Some auto-pay merchants assume the card expires the 1st of the month and will send an alert to you telling you the card has expired. (This happens before they even attempt to charge your card.)
  • TLC replacement cards arrive around the middle of the month they expire
  • For security reasons replacement DEBIT and CREDIT cards come in unmarked envelopes. The envelope itself has no writing on it. The return address is PO Box 1516 which is TLC's lock box. Be on the lookout for these envelopes the month your card expires.
Benefits of Choosing “Credit” Instead of “Debit”

When using your debit card you are asked to choose between “debit” and “credit”. Whichever option you choose, when you use your TLC debit card it will come out of your checking account immediately. Keep these important differences in mind:


Using your debit card as a credit and signing for authorization gives you added safety and protection. That protection comes from Visa® which provides zero liability for fraud.

TLC strongly recommends that you choose “credit” and sign for all transactions rather than using “debit”. 


Using “debit” when making any transaction with your debit card opens yourself up to liability if your card is stolen and used without your authorization.

Planning a Trip?

Your card includes protection from suspicious activity. If you’re planning to take a trip outside of Michigan with your Visa® card, notify us first! We’ll let Visa® know so that you don’t experience any issues while you’re enjoying your vacation. This is just another way TLC is looking out for you! Travel Notice

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