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Access your account and conduct your credit union business from the comfort of your home, office or mobile device.

  • Transfer money within your account or to/from another financial institution
  • Review past transactions & verify if certain checks have cleared your account
  • Retrieve monthly statements
  • Import your statement into Microsoft Money or Quicken software packages
  • Pay any type of bill with TLC Bill Pay
  • Change your password for home banking
  • Sign up for text alerts
  • Any transactions on your account appear immediately on the TLC Home Banking screens
  • For more information, check out the home banking FAQs.


TLC Home Banking is one of the safest ways to conduct routine transactions. No one else can access your account without your password and account number.

Apply for Home Banking Access 

  1. Go to www.tlccu.org
  2. Hover over "Options" to the right of the "Go" button 
  3. Select "Enroll in Home Banking"
  4. Enter your account number
  5. Enter the last name of the person listed first on your TLC account and send
  6. An email containing a temporary password and instructions will be sent to the email address we have on file
  7. Go to www.tlccu.org 
  8. Hover over "Options" to the right of the "Go" button
  9. Select "Use Temporary Password"
  10. Follow the screen prompts

Home Banking Sign-On Instructions

  1. Sign on to www.tlccu.org
  2. Go to the Home Banking login section of the home page
  3. Enter your account number (example: 1234560)
  4. Enter your home banking password and click "GO"
  5. You are now ready to start using TLC Home Banking

Forgot your password?

  1. Click on the link: "Email me a temporary password" located in the "Options" drop down menu on the home page 
  2. Enter your account number and click "Proceed" 
  3. Enter the last name of the Primary Member on the account and click "Proceed"
  4. You will be asked a security question, if you don't remember the answer you may click on "Try another" and when answered, click "Submit"
  5. You will be emailed a temporary password to email address we have on file
  6. Enter your account number and the temporary password, click "Submit"
  7. You will need to reset your password, typing the new password twice
  8. Verify your security questions and click "Submit"
  9. You are now ready to use home banking


  • Pay anyone anytime via the Internet at your convenience
  • FREE to TLC checking account members
  • No limit to the number of payments allowed per month
  • Schedule automatic recurring payment rules for each payee
  • For more information, check out the bill pay FAQs.

Steps to enroll in Bill Pay

  1. Sign on to TLC Community Credit Union's web site
  2. Enter your account number (example 1234560)
  3. Enter your password and click ''GO"
  4. Click on the "Bill Pay" link to begin the one-time "enrollment" procession
  5. The enrollment screen will be displayed
  6. Enter "Yes" and accept the "Terms and Conditions"
  7. Click on the "Proceed" button to comp
  8. You are now ready to set-up your bills using bill payment
Please note:  Due to the frequency in which Microsoft patches become available, please be advised that we have reserved every Wednesday Morning between the hours of 2:30 AM and 4:30 AM for network maintenance and/or server patches.  During this time, home banking / bill pay may be unavailable for short periods.


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