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Account Alerts FAQ

In preparation for the 2/17/2021 launch of the NEW online banking, mobile banking, and bill pay platform, the FAQs below are answering questions about the NEW system.  If you have any questions about the current system, please contact the credit union for more information. 
Alerts are designed to help you monitor your account and alert you whenever a transaction or action takes place.
Simply enter online banking, add at least one valid email address and enable desired alerts.
From the online banking dashboard, click on the account you wish to set up an alert for.  Click on "Alert Preferences".  Enter the type of alert you wish to make, and where you'd like the alert to go.  You can set it up for multiple locations or just one.  (Text, email or In App message.  If you use texting, check with your cell provider for more information)  Click on add alert.
Enter the "Alert Preferences" page for the account you with to adjust.  Click on the alert you wish to change.  

To review scheduled alerts, enter the share or loan that the alert was for and click on the Alert Preferences link.  The sent alerts are displayed in the messages tab located on the dashboard.