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Online Banking FAQ

In preparation for the 2/17/2021 launch of the NEW online banking, mobile banking, and bill pay platform, the FAQs below are answering questions about the NEW system.  If you have any questions about the current system, please contact the credit union for more information. 

Online Banking is a convenient and secure way to access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the Internet. With Online Banking, you can:

  • View:
    • Account balances
    • Account history
    • eStatements
    • Images of canceled checks
    • Pending transactions (electronic transactions)
    • Debit and Credit Card Rewards Points
  • Transfer funds between accounts in real time
  • Make payments by transferring funds to TLC loan accounts
  • Transfer funds between your TLC account and other financial institutions
  • Set up Account Alerts to get notified when balances change, or when a deposit is received
  • Open new savings or certificate accounts
  • Zelle person-to-person payments
  • Request stop payments
  • Online messaging with TLC staff 
  • "Tag" your transactions into categories
  • "Your $ Manager" - a financial management tool
TLC uses state-of-the-art network security to ensure the protection of your account information. Refer to our Security FAQ page for detailed information.
You may be locked out. As a security feature, if you unsuccessfully attempt to log on to Online Banking too many times, access will be denied for your account. This is to prevent someone from trying to guess your password. If you are having difficulty logging on, please call the credit union at (517) 263-9120 during business hours.
You can reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot?" link on the Online Banking login page.  Password resets are good for 1 hour.  If you do not reset your password in time you will need to start over.
Please call (517) 263-9120 during business hours.
To access your account through Online Banking, you will need the following:
  1. Any type of computer that can access the Internet
  2. A Web browser (Minimum Browsers Supported: Edge, latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.  If you use a Safari browser, you must uncheck the "Block all Cookies" box)
  3. An active account with TLC Community Credit Union
  4. A valid and accessible email address on file with us
Yes - sorta. All members have the ability to sign up for access without applying at the credit union.  Simply click on "First time here?  Enroll now" link near the Online banking log on.  To confirm your identity, you'll be asked to enter your SSN, account number, email and phone number.  These must be what we have on file.  You will then set up a username and password.  
Yes, as long as you have access to the World Wide Web, you may use Online Banking from any location in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Online Banking operates in real time, so transactions are reflected on your account immediately.
Username requirements:
  • Between 6 and 15 characters
  • Must start with a letter
  • No special characters

Password requirements:
  • Must contain at least 1 letter
  • Minimum 8 characters / maximum 20
  • Allowed special characters include:  !#$%&()+/;=?[\]^_`{|}*'

The new platform does a lot of great new things, unfortunately, there a few things we currently can't do:
  • TLC no longer offers text banking
  • We can no longer offer Multi-Account access
  • When transferring from a TLC account to a mortgage loan, the payment will post at the end of the next business day
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