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Mortgage FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about accessing your Mortgage information in Online or Mobile Banking.

On your dashboard, in the listing of your accounts, click on mortgage loan. You should see "Mortgage Services" as one of the blue buttons, Click on "Mortgage Services."
Mortgage Loan
This is a single sign-on to eStatus eConnect.  You will be asked to agree to some terms and conditions.
Let's explore the Mortgage Services Menu!
Mortgage Menu

1.  Loan Details - will show you Loan information and Balances.
Mortgage Loan information

Mortgage Balances

2.  Payments - will show you Payment History, Payment Details and Payment Options.
Mortgage Payment History

Click "View" next to any payment to see a breakdown of that payment on the Payment Details page.
Mortgage Payment Details

Mortgage Payment Options

3. Account Info - will show your Account information and Account Notes.
Mortgage Account Information

Mortgage Account Notes

4. Help & Support - will give you a list of terms used and their definition.
Mortgage Help
First you have to transfer to the other account.  The easiest way to do this is transfer to any member, placing the funds into the savings account.
Member Transfer

Then go into the account that you transferred the money into and has the mortgage loan and do a straight transfer to the mortgage.
You can either come in to one of our branch locations, or call us at (517) 263-9120 for us to make a principal payment.
When transferring from a TLC account to a mortgage loan, the payment will post at the end of the next business day.  You will see your withdrawal from your TLC account immediately.

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Please do not enter your account number or social security number.  If you need to send account information we urge you to use the secure form inside online banking or contact us at a branch location. (517) 263-9120.