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Security FAQ

Security FAQs to help you.
As security enhancements continue to be an ongoing focus and priority for TLCCU, we utilize a Second Authentication process for online account access. In addition to providing the User ID and password, users will occasionally be prompted to provide the answer to a challenge question before they can proceed to Online Banking.
No, the security question may be presented to Online Banking users often, from time to time or at random.
You have two (2) chances to provide correct answers, or one chance to click the Don’t Remember button. If you fail to answer the questions after two attempts, or click Don’t Remember twice, your account will be restricted from online access.
You can contact us at (517) 263-9120 during normal business hours.
No, for your account security, this is a requirement to access Online Banking.
You can change your security answers via Online Banking. Once you log on, click the gear wheel (User Settings) located at the top left area next the logout button. Next go to Security, and then click Security Question and Answers. On the Security Question and Answer page, you can update your security questions and answers.
No, your pending Online Banking bill payments or transfers will not be affected by re-enrolling in Online Banking. Your Online Banking preferences will remain the same.
You can contact us at (517) 263-9120 during normal business hours.